Posted by: libraryliza | December 14, 2009

LIS 205 – Exercise 4 – Part IV

Compare & contrast the entries for “Morris, Robert [signer of the Declaration of Independence]” in American National Biography,, and Which would you recommend for whom, and why?

American National Biography

– Signed article
– Discusses the decisions that prompted Morris’s participation in the War of Independence and his work in Philadelphia
– Goes into detail about Morris’ financial work as Superintendent of Finance
– Lists bibliography

I would recommend this article to students in need of an academic source for a short essay (either for middle school students) or as a started source for more in-depth economic analysis

– Short, no external links
– Very brusque and succinct language
– Leaves out 5 years before Morris’ death
– Does not discuss Morris’ impact on the creation of the United States

I would recommend this article to students studying US History in high school or as a general education requirement for college; also recommended for someone with a casual interest in this man or the signers’ of the Declaration of Independence


– Longest, most in-depth (oddly enough)
– Many embedded links to additional and relevant content
– Divides Morris’ life into subheadings
– Best contextualizes Morris’ work with the other world events and lifestyles of the late eighteenth century

I would recommend this article for anyone who wants to do some in-depth work on Morris — but only as a perfect starting point with the listed references, links, and further reading


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